JESSE R. PIERCE has more than 35 years of litigation experience and has tried a variety of cases in both the state and federal courts of Texas and in other states. He specializes in the trial of complex energy and commercial cases... more

JACK O'NEILL has been trying large complex cases for over 38 years. His experience in the courtroom involves many cases that have been widely publicized... more

D.J. BEATY focuses his practice on upstream and midstream oil-and-gas litigation, including lease and joint-interest disputes as well as matters related to acquisitions and divestitures, exploration and development, and product purchase arrangements... more

HARVEY F. COHEN has more than 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer and has tried more than 70 cases in state and federal courts in Texas and other states. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in all types of contract and business related disputes in the energy industry... more

COURTNEY E. HAWKINS represents both plaintiffs and defendants in the fields of complex commercial matters and personal injury matters in state and federal courts. She has been with the firm since its inception... more

SCOTT R. HUMPHREY has 10 years' experience defending a wide variety of clients in complex commercial, energy, toxic tort and environmental litigation. Mr. Humphrey has experience defending clients across a full range of commercial disputes... more

MARY P. LIVINGSTONE represents defendants in a wide range of complex commercial circumstances in both state and federal courts. She has been with the firm since August 2009... more

FAITH E. PARTEN has experience representing various clients in energy, real estate and commercial law. Ms. Parten particularly has experience representing clients in matters relating to renewable energy... more

BRIAN K. TULLY represents plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation and oil and gas disputes. He has been with the firm since August 2010. After graduating from Baylor University School of Law Brian served as a Law Clerk to the Honorable Nathan L. Hecht at the Supreme Court of Texas... more

THOMAS J. ADAIR focuses his practice on complex commercial litigation, intellectual property matters, and oil and gas disputes. Mr. Adair has experience prosecuting and defending breach of contract, fraud, patent infringement, copyright, trademark, trade secret, and class action claims, among others...  more

PAUL A. GALANTE has represented major investment banks, international hotel and resort managers, accounting firms, international food distributors, venture capital investors, oil companies, and professional sports leagues, among others, in matters across the country... more

JOHN C. SCHWAMBACH, JR. focuses his practice on the trial and appeal of complex disputes. He has been with the firm since February 2015. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Schwambach worked on complex civil matters in both state and federal courts... more